Proposal Writing – Grammar Checkers Improve Proposal Writing

If you prepare, edit, evaluate, or maybe proofread proposals, you need to discover the hidden positive aspects of using grammar checkers.

Even specialized proposal writers fall into old habits which usually result in writing goof ups or perhaps omissions that can make or break proposal writing success.

Grammar checkers aren’t ideal. We realize that.

Nevertheless, they will prove invaluable.

In the frantic business world, finding time for editing and re writing your proposal develops into a struggle. Nonetheless, investing any time to run your proposal through grammar checkers pays huge dividends.

Many of the most modern editions of word processors already come equipped with grammar checkers. grammar checker online learning how to use this valuable tool will definitely help save you time, enhance the quality of your writing, and also eliminate the humiliation of misspelled words, incorrect grammar or confusing writing styles.

Grammar Checkers are far from excellent. Sometimes they could be confusing and also frustrating. Nonetheless, so are able to kids as well as parents. You don’t write off the children of yours or maybe you don’t overlook the parents of yours because you often do not understand or perhaps go along with them.

Please let me talk about a number of the benefits of investing a little bit of time learning your Grammar Checker and then using it.

1. Grammar Checkers can grab errors in grammar and producing style that you never ever knew or even considered. That could mean the big difference between viewers not realizing your meaning and you looking for results.

2. Grammar Checkers present you with Readablity Statistics that show you the way clear your business writing is and where to look to make it better.

Most Grammar checkers will provide you with the following two groups of info.

Sentences per paragraph
Words per sentence
Characters per word

Passive Sentences
Flesch Reading Ease
Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level

As opposed to showing these different categories in detail, allow me to offer guidelines for you to strive for.

Sentences per paragraph – Never create in excess of five sentences per paragraph ever!

Words per sentence –
Average eighteen words per sentence for paper documents and 15 written text per sentence for emails

Characters per word The overall rule here’s use shorter, more well known words rather than longer academic or perhaps consultant words.

Use “use,” not “utilize.”
use “pattern,” “model,” or even “Example,” not “paradigm.”
Use “problem,” “challenge,” “issue,” or perhaps “puzzle, not “conundrum.”

Passive Sentences

This must not go beyond 20%

Flesch Reading Ease
This could be at last 80%

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level
This should range between 6.0 and 10.0.

If your Reading Ease is less than 80 % and your Grade Level is more than 10.0, that means your paragraphs are too long, your sentences have way too many words, as well as your words have way too many characters and syllables.

That last sentence shows exactly how effortlessly you are able to blow away your Reading Ease and Grade Level. A Reading Ease of 6.3 and Grade Level of 13.1 was had by the sentence.


The phrase contained 38 words. It contained four terms with over 2 syllables.

To help make this sentence much easier to read, you are able to modify it to read:

If your Reading Ease is less than 80 % and your Grade Level is higher than 10.0, you need to check out the following:

Are your paragraphs are way too long?
Do your sentences have way too many words?
Do your words have a great number of characters and syllables?

These days, the Reading Ease is 80.1 and the Grade Level is 3.8.

Notice just how the usage of bullets drives the Grade Level down significantly.

Thus, use shorter sentences, shorter paragraphs, as well as smaller sized words and you are going to reap huge benefits. Try to use Grammar Checker to measure your proposal writing and also you are going to receive measurable rewards.

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