Krugerrand Investment Coins – The First Ones Produced

That’s right; South Africa was the very first nation to mint their own bullion, which naturally likewise adds to its significant collector’s value.
The initial Krugerrands produced were 1 oz. Quickly, half oz., quarter oz. & bull; Krugerrand 1 oz.
The first Krugerrands produced in July 1967 were struck at an event which happened at the South African mint. Only Makler Kassel , 000 1oz Krugerrand gold coins were created, and intended for South African collectors. The busts of the coin appeared, instead of being frosted or shiny. A year later nonetheless, some of the breasts and engravings from these initial coins were frosted.
In 1980, fractional variations of the gold Krugerrand coin were introduced, and the images listed below are from the 60 Krugerrand fractional collections -having the A oz. A oz.
Krugerrand Person Specifications:.
Religion 1 oz.
Diameter (mm) 32.77 Density (mm) 2.84 Weight (g) 33.930 Excellence 22 karat 91.67% Gold Content (Gram and Oz) 31.103 g 1.000 oz.Edge Reeded 160.
Religion 1/2 oz.
Size (mm) 27.07 Thickness (mm) 2.215 Weight (g) 16.965 Fineness 22 karat 91.67% Gold Web Content (Gram and Oz) 15.552 g 0.500 oz. Edge Reeded 185.

Denomination 1/4 oz.
Diameter (mm) 22.06 Density (mm) 1.888 Weight (g) 8.482 Fineness 22 karat 91.67% Gold Material (Gram and Oz) 7.776 g 0.25 oz.Edge Reeded 150.
Religion 1/10 oz.
Size (mm) 16.55 Density (mm) 1.35 Weight (g) 3.393 Excellence 22 karat 91.67% Gold Web Content (Gram and Oz) 3.110 g 0.100 oz.Edge Reeded 115.

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