How to handle Your Etsy Store When you are on Vacation

Planning a holiday, or carrying out an itemization review is always a worry for the Etsy seller. Worry not, as here is some handy advice to determine what to do with the store of yours while you are away.

Etsy includes a convenient “vacation mode” that enables Etsy sellers to store their store on hold with the push of a button. This is an “official hold”, wherein no listings are going to show up both in the store or perhaps within the group listings. It has a paragraph area the place where you could list a “vacation announcement” to explain to the customers of yours the circumstance ie; on vacation, will reopen soon;. doing inventory, etc.

This option comes with a “auto reply” to conversations where you are able to stipulate a particular message, and also allows prospective buyers to join up to get a contact for when your outlet is reopened.

Etsy implies doing this when “on vacation for an extended period of time.” So what might possibly be the harm in giving your shop open during a vacation? What is a prolonged time? You must weigh the positives and negatives and determine what best meets the shop of yours.

Just to illustrate, I recently bought from a seller who had the store of her open and after two and a half weeks my product was still marked “unshipped” in my buyer system. I had originally found the item in a search and also bought it right away as it was a wonderful value. I received a thank you purchase confirmation message, but after 2 along with a half weeks was starting to worry. It was not until this time did I closer check out the shop, only to discover per the shop announcement she wasn’t shipping and delivery for a month as she was out of town. It did include the date she will ship the items, but it hadn’t been on my purchase confirmation note. I probably wouldn’t have ordered it because it was a gift, and quite honestly for this long of a time a seller will need to really put the store of theirs on hold. Needless to state as a customer I really should have looked over the announcement area, and after seeing the seller was much loved and also had feedback that is great, I was okay with it. A new someone or buyer new to Etsy may not be so understanding, so this’s what you have to consider so you are able to encourage repeat business and not upset anyone shopping for point from an Etsy search.

If you are a seller that ships only once per week, in addition to this’s clearly listed in your announcement and decide you’re going on vacation for just a few days, there’s no sense putting the store of yours into vacation mode. Ship the items when you recover, and update the announcement of yours to focus your next shipping date.

If you are that same once-per-week shipping Etsy seller going on holiday for two weeks, you may wish to place the shop on hold the initial week only, then simply reopen it for a week, so that when you recover the next day you can ship your items, in essence, still on schedule. A blurb in the shop announcement helps.

If perhaps you are similar once-per-week shipping Etsian, and going on monthly long journey, it’s proposed to put your store on vacation mode, a minimum of the first 3 days, reopen on the last week with proper announcement info, essentially still on schedule.

In case you decide to keep your store open for several months to a month long hiatus, you run the threat of alienating new buyers who are worried they’ve to wait very long to ship, so I would advise going with the vacation mode entirely, or even half way during your vacation.

In the event you decide to not use that suggestion, and leave your shop receptive during any getaway, it doesn’t hurt to create a special “eye-catching banner” that informs customers your next shipping date. Additionally shift your “purchase confirmation” (thank you message) which visits customers upon purchase as well as include the next shipping date. Make sure you place this in the announcement clearly.

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