Healthy Energy Drinks – An Oxymoron?

What are good energy drinks? Do they absolutely exist — or perhaps could this be merely more marketing hype? Did someone within the marketing department just slap the term “healthy” on the can and hope no-one inspects the ingredients? In some cases they did, but not always.

For starters, let’s analyze a little bit of science on what is unhealthy or healthy about any beverage. That might be a very good starting point, would not it?

What is an energy drink, in essence — and what would qualify one being called “healthy”?

Big energy drinks are basically a combine consisting of one or more stimulants, a flavoring, usually several extra sugar for palatability, as well herbs/amino acids/vitamins to be able to buffer any nervousness brought on by the stimulant and also to facilitate the creation of electrical power naturally.

(This is the ideal of what energy drinks may be, but in practice some manufacturers cut quite a few corners. It is recommended to recall, “Let the buyer beware!”)

Tea, coffee, and some plant based types of stimulants like guarana, coca, cacao, yerba mate, khat, ephedra, as well as kola nut are commonly used worldwide. Tea and coffee are the most recognizable and have been found to have some beneficial health properties, even though they’re to some level habit forming.

Most parents wouldn’t be very alarmed by their kids drinking an occasional coffee, cola, or maybe cup of tea — Agreed?

The strange ingredients, when scrutinized on a can label, are generally the source of much public mistrust of energy drinks. Sometimes this mistrust is warranted and at times it is not — it all depends on what the substance is and its function.

For instance, ephedra, and that is hardly ever utilized in energy drinks, has brought several issues, such as irregular heartbeat, stroke, heart attack, and perhaps death in several circumstances. These’re not symptoms that build a happy, growing consumer base, since you are able to imagine!

Taurine, on another hand acts as a modulator, that is a “governor” on the power level. It’s equally an antioxidant, which helps to neutralize free radicals which often are captured by the body in its day-to-day tasks. It has been found safe enough and useful enough to be worn in infant formula, so there’s zero cause to fear taurine. It’s an objective here. (See Wikipedia for the many great things about taurine.)

Legitimate cause for concern occurs all around the quantities of sugars and caffeine quite a lot of these energy drinks have.

High levels of caffeine as well as other stimulants are reason for concern among lots of parents and wellness specialists, but equal attention must be paid to the enormous doses of various sorts of sugars in energy drinks.

The average American consumes about a half pound of sugar every day! A huge portion of this comes from soft drinks, including energy drinks and coffee drinks. At nearly 2 ounces of sugar in one tall can of the typical brands of energy drink, it does not take very long to get our half pound of sugar.

High sugar consumption typically contributes to weight gain, that leads to diabetes, Type 2. Diabetes is on the increase in America and also worldwide and it’s a serious, eventually fatal healthcare problem.

Dr. Joseph Mercola recently listed seventy six specific health issues brought on by our infatuation with sugar. The high sugar levels in most energy drinks disqualifies them from being good energy drinks.

Ironically, everyday surveys I have taken in so-called health food stores reveal energy drinks in their coolers formulated with 18 29 grams of sugars. Sugar is sugar, whether it is organic cane sugar or perhaps not. One exception to this’s the use of agave syrup sweeteners, which come with more fructose which often poses a particular health threat.

One more major cause for concern is the way in which that almost all manufacturers choose to sweeten their drinks without using sugar. Artificial sweeteners actually nevertheless lead to weight gain, as well as several of them have been determined to result in structural damage to nervous system and the mind. Aspartame may be the most awful on this account, leading to tumors in study animals and infertility in subsequent decades of offspring whenever the pregnant mothers happened to be given aspartame, much like what humans could receive.

Potential for long-term neurological system damage is revealed in the investigations of aspartame by Dr. Russell Blaylock and others. Sucralose is yet another artificial sweetener that provides several arguments for avoiding it.

Exaggerated caffeine content is normally less likely when these drinks are offered as “healthy energy drinks”. It ought to be noted that companies that use green tea extracts and guarana as stimulants stay away from the over stimulating potential of caffeine.

The combination of caffeine, delicious sweet flavors, and new young customers of these beverages are genuine reasons for worry by parents. When alcohol is added into the mix — or some combination of alternative drugs — then it becomes not possible to foresee what could be the case.

Nevertheless, to end up being fair, this’s not the fault of the energy drink itself, but is evidence of a shortage of schooling on easy methods to utilize these beverages responsibly.

When someone knows where risks lie plus is able to check out the exceptional beverages that will qualify as healthy energy drinks, there’s nothing to worry — along with much to be achieved — from these beverages.

Needless to say, there’s the understandable tendency of parents to throw up their hands and simply forbid their kids from drinking some of these unusual potions. This would be unwise because the young individual is probably gon na consume energy drinks, anyway, and become alienated from their parent at the same time.

Likewise lots of slightly older adults which are not at risk that is lots of for all-night partying, may like healthy energy drinks, if they were able to identify one.

I’m hoping that this article may serve as a guide to de mystifying the puzzling subject of good energy drinks. I’ve found great pleasure in their use as a much healthier alternative to coffee.

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