Associations Awareness Mini-Training Series – Introduction

The Relationships Awareness Mini-Training Series

If you are dissatisfied with your relationships or even without any at all, wishing wholeheartedly to cultivate a satisfying connect, the Relationships Awareness Mini Training Series is simply for you. As you internalize the insights it can provide, you will become empowered to change whatever needs change and grow the relationship you want.

Could you gain from the Relationships Awareness Mini Training Series?

You’ll be able to benefit from the series in case you are:

* Single longing to have a partner and develop a successful intimate relationship but have given up dating altogether due to feeling unhappy, embittered, disappointed and alone; or

* Active in the dating-scene, enrolled in web based dating sites, going on endless blind dates and still not effective in discovering a partner and developing a fulfilling intimate relationship;

* Currently in a relationship, becoming “it does not work” the way you would want it to, afraid it might end up like past models but “hangs in there”; or

* In between relationships, wishing to discover how you can (finally) succeed next time;

* In a long term relationship, unhappy and frustrated, wishing wholeheartedly to nurture as well as protect it;

* In a satisfying relationship, interested to grow and develop together and maintain mutual satisfaction; or

* An individual who is serious to read about self awareness and relationships problems as a means to self development; –

Exactly how can the Relationships Awareness Mini-Training Series help you?

The Relationships Awareness Mini Training Series are able to help you:

* Get a grip on what renders it out of the question for you to find and grow the relationship you want;
* Understand the ways where you may be sabotaging yourself and your relationships; * Teaches you exactly what you have to do normally, in order to cultivate the relationship you want.

The Relationship Awareness Mini Training Series is composed of 10 units:

1: Self Awareness – the key to Understanding Yourself and Your Relationships
2: Self Awareness – a requirement having a Successful Intimate Relationship
Three: Steps You Have to take to build up Self-Awareness
4: Identifying the Needs and Fears which Harm Your Relationships
5: Identifying the Messages that will Control You and Harm Your Relationships
6: Recognizing the Masks You Wear which Exert a Toll on Your Relationships
Seven: Getting in touch with Your Will
8: Learning to Be True to Yourself as well as to The Partner of yours
Nine: Realizing Your Self Defeating Expectations
10: Fine-Tuning Your Unrealistic Fantasies to Match Reality

The more you advance with the Relationships Awareness Mini Training Series and develop Self Awareness, the more able you’ll recognize how you sabotaged yourself until today and also understand what you need to do to enhance a successful personal relationship.

Then in Relationships Awareness Mini Training Series: one – Self-Awareness: the key to Understanding Yourself and Your Relationships

Doron Gil, Ph.D., is a university teacher, workshop leader, consultant and counselor, specialized in the interplay between Relationships and self-awareness. He has coached this subject to thousands of pupils and trained doctors, managers, school teachers and parents how to develop Self Awareness and improve their personal and professional relationships.

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