The Importance of Note Taking

The importance of note taking has never ever been greater. Today, when we are all constantly in a hurry, when we have to be everywhere in time, when we’ve to recall much more than we can, note taking is crucial. Note taking is becoming more important than ever.

Unfortunately, no one can remember whatever he wants. Even the wisest person on the planet forgets even more than he remembers, and besides that, half of what he is certain he knows is incorrect.

Bearing those limits in mind, we have to realize we need special habits in our daily life, as well as those habits must keep us away from having all information in the memory of ours.

Because of we have to use simple, and also at the same time complicated method: note taking

The fastest, the most appropriate and the fastest way to improving our memory is to create a system of remainders and to write down everything what we have to remember. That is the primary condition if we want to improve our efficiency at the office.

Most of the people that achieved some kind of good results in their life used those methods. They always carried cards and remainders with them, because as we all know, paper can’t forget.

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If you desire to keep in your consciousness something that you may need later and it’s to be hundred % correct, you’ve to make notes of almost everything and you have to coordinate your notes correctly.

That is is much more important for all those who have respectable positions and for individuals who have to do various jobs at exactly the same time. That is the only way to get nearer to the limits of the memory of ours. And that is starting to be increasingly more essential as we’re growing older.

So my advice to you is: Make notes of all things and do not rely on your memory. Importance of note taking is really big.

Some people hesitate at doing that as they are too confident, or even too busy, or even way too exhausted to make notes of things they might use in the future.

Others intentionally avoid that as they have the very own methods of theirs. Also, they think that making notes shows that a person is stupid. They usually assume that memory develops more rapidly if we rely only on it, and that is nonsense.

Those individuals fill up their heads with information that their brain can’t stand. They continue lying to themselves and at exactly the same time they forget meetings, directions, conversations and everything else you are able to forget.

Exactly how should we make notes? Obviously, that depends from person to person. But from my experience we all need only the fundamental guidelines. By far the most dangerous guideline is a feeling we can recollect something with no problems and also due to that we ignore the value of note taking.

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