Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifles – Every little thing You Want to Know

They easily shoot at velocities of 500 feet per second or more with some that boast over 700 fps. In reality, in Airsoft combat there are often rules that prohibit the firing of a spring sniper rifle at close range because it’s dangerous and can cause significant harm to the mark. Rather, snipers have been encouraged to use their secondary to acquire the kill or mimic a shot by yelling”bang”.
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Spring Airsoft snipers use the heaviest types of Airsoft BBs, starting from.30g all the way up to.43g. This is to help reestablish the BB in flight since it usually must travel exceptionally long distances before reaching its target. A heavier BB is not as influenced by wind and will cause much more damage upon impact.

Spring Airsoft sniper rifles are the preferred selection for marksman roles in skirmishes and championships because they allow the operator to fire from a much further distance than assault rifles and pistols. You’d often see snipers towards the back of the field hidden in small rooms or at the top of buildings to get a strategic edge.

Spring sniper rifles are the most commonly used form of spring firearms in Airsoft combat, and although they cost more than their counterparts, they are definitely worth the purchase price. No other type of Airsoft gun comes close to the precision and strategic advantage that is offered by a spring Airsoft snipe rifle.

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