Focus – New Lawn Care Businesses, Keep Those Flyers Simple

So often when a brand new lawn care business owner is starting out, they have an inclination to make the straightforward, challenging. The point we would like to convey to you is when you’re starting with your lawn care company, keep things simple.

Recently we’d a new lawn care small business owner write us, “If the business of yours may use a GopherHaul, please email us.” so, I am contacting you. I have noticed the flyers of yours and such on your net site/forum. I’ve been in the company part time since 2005. I developed my personal flyers based on what I noticed on the web sites. The first season I had eight customers, The next year, I’d difficulties with the truck of mine and have a late start, then my 36″ w/b broke and I didn’t have the $400 for the part. I’d 3 customers and only a 21″ mower so I stopped advertising. I got a new (used) 48″ w/b for free (cost me $55.33 in materials and about eight hours to get it going) in July and did some much more marketing. Got one call, didn’t receive the job. This season I put in $3,300 on machines which is new and advertising and repairs. Put out there about 1500 flyers so far this season (I’ll include them) and just got about 3 calls. I really need help BUT, I don’t think I’m able to pay for it. Whatever you guys are able to do is greatly appreciated.

The “free backyard service 4″ flyer was put out once, aproximatelly 200 of them in a single area, I got two messages or calls, absolutely no jobs. The coupon was release in another area at about 100, no phone calls. Purrfection flyer 4 is create at aproximatelly thousand houses, 1 call. As you are able to see by the numbers, something is wrong, VERY inaccurate. I didn’t think any projects outside of the flyers but, over 2 calls will have been good. Thanks in advance, Darrin”

When we reviewed Darrin’s flyers it quickly became clear to us that there were too many variable in the flyers. There were lots of requirements asked of the potential consumer. One flyer handed the 5th mow free of charge with a signed annual lawn care contract. The flyers he delivered to us are accessible that you can go through on our lawn care company forum. Another flyer he sent offered fifty dolars off your lawn care autumn clean up if you signed an annual backyard care contract at the same time.

When you are merely having your lawn care business started, you really want to place as not many barriers between you as well as your prospective client, as achievable. Do not make them jump through hoops. Keep things simple until you begin getting a feel for what your clients need and also experiment with different marketing elements to see what works and what does not. Around the time Darrin wrote us, a buddy emailed a very straightforward lawn care flyer to us. In the email he reported he enrolled with that particular lawn care operator. The flyer was painfully easy. It read through at the top MOWING, accompanied by edging and blowing, the title and free estimates and contact number of the yard care operator. As the landscaping care operator was servicing this specific turf, a neighbor travelled over and asked him to mow his lawn too. 2 customers were landed in that one day! Right now that is trying to keep it simple.

When you are just establishing your lawn care company, take this into account. The more variables you employ in your advertising and marketing, such things as giveaways, freebies with signed contracts or any other components, the more your advertising and marketing might go wrong without you knowing how to remedy it. As a brand new entrepreneur, keep things simple. Try things out and explore with various marketing gimmicks only after you’ve gotten started as well as end up growing. You then are going to have a baseline to evaluate the return on your marketing investments with more mature experiments to see if your brand new marketing campaign is working not or better.

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