Can you really Have A Credit Scores Of 600?

As the majority of people know, credit scores range from 300 to 850 points. It is also easy to not have a credit score. In other words if you do not ever used credit at many, you’d in theory not have a credit score.

So technically speaking, the lowest credit score you are able to probably have is 300 theoretically 300. Can it be possible to actually have a score in this range? Yes, I assume it is! That said, it is nearly impossible.

To be able to end up with a score of precisely 300, you will need to have no on time payments. Thus, you will be required to spend every bill late. You will also have to be making use of all of your free credit so every credit card would have to be totally maxed out.

In addition to all of that, your revolving accounts would ALL have to be new because old accounts will increase the credit score of yours.

In case you had been genuinely attempting to pull this off, here is what you will have to do:

First, ask for a secured credit card (you wouldn’t be able to get an unsecured one at this point) and max it out the day you get it. Make the minimum payment sixty days late and immediately max it out again. Continue to keep the card way too busy while making payments sixty days late. This would make sure that your card continues to be open but all your payments are way late.

If credit secrets did this, you can count on the score of yours to be near 300 for a while. That said, I do not think that it would stay in that range for very long. Keeping the revolving bank account open would increase your score at least a little.

What can we find out from all of this particular? For starters, it will be very stupid to actually do this as the derogatory items will stay on your credit for 7 seasons. Next, by doing the opposite, you may get a positive shift in the credit of yours. If you want that, stick to these steps:

1. Get one credit card. In case you cannot have an unsecured card, buy a secured card which reports on the credit bureaus as a bank card. In case you currently have one, you are taken care of.

2. Pay off your card in full each month.

3. Never make a late payment on a credit card, or even on another revolving credit account.

4. Use credit like it’s cash. Never spend money that you don’t have.

In case you carry on and do that, the credit score of yours is going to be amazing. Mine is more than 800 and that is all I have done.

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